Hunt 4 Season Range Explainer

Hunt 4 Season Range Explainer

We delve into our 4 Season range to help you choose which wheelset is right for you.
Is Bigger Better? Hunt Weighs in on 650B vs 700C

Is Bigger Better? Hunt Weighs in on 650B vs 700C

Should your next wheelset be 650B? We answer the questions you're asking
Cyclist riding across a landscape with dynamo powered light

Charging with a Dynamo: Explained

We offer a full range of Dynamo lights so you can forget about charging your lights on your daily commute or charging your GPS device on those multiday backpacking trips. But how do you use a Dynamo wheelset to run your lights and charge your devices?

HUNT Beyond Brand Manager, Josh Ibbett, talks you through the Dynamo setup that he used on this year's 2600mile Tour Divide in the USA. Watch the video to find out more...

Fed's Bombtrack Hook EXT Bikepacking rig

Bikecheck | Fede's Bombtrack Hook EXT Bikepacking rig

Federico Cabrera has been running 'Their Only Portrait' for the past 5 years. 'Their Only Portrait' is a project where Fede bikepacks around South America and takes and gives photos to local people in their small communities, which may be the only photograph they may have of themselves and their families. You can read more details about the project HERE.
For his latest trip Fede rode this Bombtrack Hook EXT. The Hook EXT has plenty of mounting points which is essential for Fede to carry his camera equipment and printer.
Film | Into the Rift

Film | Into the Rift

Into The Rift documents the inaugural Atlas Mountain Race, a 1200km self-supported bikepacking race around the Atlas Mountains in Morroco.

HUNT Beyond riders Jenny Tough and Sofian Sehili both emerged as winners, and feature prominently in the film.

HUNT cyclist riding gravel bike

HUNT Engineering Paper - Gravel: Does Aero Matter?

As riders & racers of gravel, we’ve increasingly been discussing (and asked by our customers) whether or not aero is particularly relevant within the discipline. Working with Ernst at the GST Wind Tunnel and doing lots of number crunching, we wanted to find out if gravel speeds and wide tyres negated aero considerations.