Time for another pro bike check! This time, it's Gosse's 2020 gravel racer.

The plan WAS, for Gosse to hit up some gravel events this season. He was coming with us over to Dirty Kanza, as well as returning to the Dirty Reiver and take on some lesser known events in Scandinavia. 

Alas, we'll sit & hold tight for now, and be sure to take you along for the ride with us when we're able to ride & race some of these events again. Until then, who better to talk you through his new bike than the man himself?

Close up of Gosse's new gravel bike

Cannisters and tyre levers taped to the frame

Gosse's back tyre and wheel

Gosse's cockpit, handlebar and restrap handlebar bag

Gosse's 1x ultegra chainring

Gosse riding his bike down a wooded path



April 21, 2020 — Ollie Gray