Limitless Technology: Explainer

Limitless Technology: Explainer

Patented and used by the pro's, but what exactly is Limitless Technology?
HUNT's Commitment to US Riders

HUNT's Commitment to US Riders

We are thrilled to announce we'll be shipping wheels to you from the Boulder office!
A Year For The Books: Amelia Rose Watkinson's 2020 Season

A Year For The Books: Amelia Rose Watkinson's 2020 Season

A Year For The Books: Amelia Rose Watkinson Amelia Rose Watkinson has officially established her name as a force to be reckoned with after this 2020 season. There isn't one...
Picture of Training Activity Diary

VR Racing 101: What You Need to Know

With this new flood of racing, we thought we'd go into a little more detail on the types of racing out there and how you can win yourself a slot to the (Non-Virtual) IRONMAN World Champs 70.3 race.
Hunt rider, Samantha Bosco racing her bike

Staying Injury Free with Samantha Bosco

For those who don't know Sam, she's a highly decorated Paralympic athlete who at her debut at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games secured a bronze in both the road time trial & track pursuit.
photo of bike leaning against a wall

Opportunities are Knocking

While continuations of protectionary Stay-At-Home measures are still shaping our day to day lives, we hope everyone is staying safe and abiding by their respective government's rules. While our thoughts are with those who have been and will be affected by this virus, we are hoping to spread a little motivation for those of us who need it. What follows below is the experience of our very own USA Brand Manager, Ken... 

"In a recent email communication with my coach, we began talking about how with the cancelation of races and events he's been seeing athletes, left and right, scrambling for goals to aim for. As I'd been listening to the news a lot prior to our conversation (so not in the brightest of head-spaces), we discussed a mental reframing exercise that helped me, and thus I'm hoping it helps you."
Photo of Dan Gampon training inside for the Kona Ironman

Staying Indoors: A Triathlete's Guide (with Dan Gampon)

In October of last year, Ken (US Brand Manager) & Luisa (Product Engineering Manager), traveled to Kona, Hawaii to spectate some of the most talented athletes in the world partake in the annual Ironman World Championships. In a way, things were simpler then. We could hug friends new and old, fly on planes to races and holidays, and enjoy the outdoors without feeling we'd be adding to the burden of the healthcare system. Little did we know, a mere six months later the world order we once took for granted would be a vastly different place.


As everyone adjusts to a new type of normal, we checked in with a long-time friend, Dan Gampon, who lives in Kona, to get a feeling of how he's adjusting this lifestyle.

Bianchi Dama team warming up

HUNT partner with Bianchi Dama for 2020

We're stoked to announce the first of a series of new team partnerships for 2020; the Bianchi Dama womens' road team based out of Exeter. Having grown out of Exeter University's performance program in 2015, the team has developed into one of the best female teams in the UK. They compete nationally and internationally in road, time trial and track events, and, in their words, are "always looking to better ourselves in everything we do and continue to enjoy this wonderful, mad yet engrossing sport."
Frank Silvestrin on his S-Works TT Bike

A Quick "Work" Trip to Kona

HUNT debuts at the Ironman World Championships in Kona.