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Journal | Hunt Bike Wheels

Hunt Bike Wheels Journal

Luke Williamson | Welcome

The Rider Firm welcomes Luke Williamson to our ranks

Kelli Sam - Going Nowhere Fast

Kelli Sam, of LA Sweat, telling us how her 2020 shaped up and how she strove to be a source of positivity

Changing Gears With Chloe

Taking a look at Hunt and Privateer rider, Chloe Taylor's journey from BMX to EWS racing

Tom Owen: One Step at a Time

We sat down with Tom to talk bikes, bikepacking trips and an internship opportunity

Solitude ft Dom Knight

Solitude, a video that set out to encapsulate the escapism of riding bikes.

The British Continental

HUNT to partner with The British Continental Domestic bike racing for an incredible 5th season.

HUNT's Commitment to US Riders

We are thrilled to announce we'll be shipping wheels to you from the Boulder office!

A Year For The Books: Amelia Rose Watkinson's 2020 Season

A Year For The Books: Amelia Rose Watkinson ...

Fabian Burri Checkpoint II

Talking Bikingman Portugal, Corsica and a potential trip to the UK

HUNT to partner with Team Qhubeka ASSOS

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Qhubekka Assos

Eleo Balbi: Riding Further

Eleo tells us about her experience of Further 2020, one of the shortest & hardest ultra races on the calendar...

Sanity & Joy: The Chase is On with Will Loyd & Ayesha McGowan

Will, Ayesha, and their dog Emoji find sanity in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Max Stedman sets new British Everesting Record

Find out how Max managed to break the British Everesting Record

Meet Amelia Rose Watkinson

We are pleased to welcome Australian triathlete, Amelia Rose Watkinson.

Moya Johansson's New Bike

Moya Johansson's New Bike Day ...

Josh Wins #GBDURO20

Josh Wins #GBDURO20 ...

Trying (& Failing) to destroy a Race Aero SuperDura

Taking our hardest wheels, and smashing them through the hardest terrain...

Steps back to reality

Looking Positive | Tr...

In Your Own Time: An Interview with Emma Pooley

In Your Own Time An interview with Emma Poole...

Angel City Games VR 2020

Angel City Virtual Games with Sam Bosco ...

Matt Simmonds | Privateer 161 | Bike Build

Matt Simmonds | Privateer 161 | Bike Build ...

Bike Check: Moya Johansson

Moya Johansson’s Dare TSRf Proudly presenting my 2020 race bike… Dare is a newer bike brand, with big ties in Asia a...

Charging with a Dynamo: Explained

We offer a full range of Dynamo lights so you can forget about charging your lights on your daily commute or charging...

VR Racing 101: What You Need to Know

With this new flood of racing, we thought we'd go into a little more detail on the types of racing out there and how ...

Bikecheck | Fede's Bombtrack Hook EXT Bikepacking rig

Federico Cabrera has been running 'Their Only Portrait' for the past 5 years. 'Their Only Portrait' is a project wher...

Film | Into the Rift

Into The Rift documents the inaugural Atlas Mountain Race, a 1200km self-supported bikepacking race around the Atlas ...

On the Hunt | Andrew Jackson

At the beginning of the year, Hunt's Brand Manager Ken hosted several gravel group rides with the local Rapha chapte...

Staying Injury Free with Samantha Bosco

For those who don't know Sam, she's a highly decorated Paralympic athlete who at her debut at the 2016 Rio Paralympic...

HUNT Beyond: Supported Rider Bike Checks

The Gravel racing season is now upon us, or at least it should be. It looks like many of the gravel races planned fo...

Off The Drop | Isla Short | XC World Cup Racer

We are super stoked to have Isla on our wheels for this season. With some race dates now being confirmed for this yea...

Film | Tugende, the 2020 Race Around Rwanda, a bikepacking story by Ryan le Garrec

Tugende is the latest creation from friend of Hunt, Ryan Le Garrec. Ryan, along with Lander Deldime have been coverin...

Opportunities are Knocking

While continuations of protectionary Stay-At-Home measures are still shaping our day to day lives, we hope everyone i...

Canyon dhb 2020 Race Bike

The veil has finally been lifted on Canyon dhb's bikes for this year. Whilst it's unclear when these will see tarmac ...

HUNT Tech | CFD Explainer Video

From the many conversations we've had with our customers, the media, & riders, over the past year or so, we've be...

Gosse's New Gravel Bike

Time for another pro bike check! This time, it's Gosse's 2020 gravel racer. The plan WAS, for Gosse to hit up some gr...