Hunt Rider, Simon McNamara, winning his race

Finish work at HUNT on Friday. European Masters Champion by Sunday.

On Friday, as is traditional at The Rider Firm, we popped over to The Partridge after work for a beer or two in the sun. Si told us he was heading over to The Netherlands for 'a race' with some teammates from the local South Downs Bikes RT, and promptly pedalled home after his pint. Fast forward to Sunday, and he's the newly minted European Masters Champion. We're over the moon about it here at HUNT HQ, as it truly couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Well deserved, and certainly earned.
Rudi's Open Up bike

Reader's Ride | Rudi's Open Up

Check out Rudi's Open Up with both 50CAD and 650B Adventure Sport Disc
Ryan Christensen preparing for the race

On The Drops with Ryan Christensen

"My season hasn't gone too badly all be it a broken leg 6 weeks ago... I secured UCI points early on in January back home in New Zealand, and was just starting to come into form for these upcoming European races on the calendar. A forced break for 2 weeks for my leg to heal enough for myself to start riding on the trainer again, so that I can be back racing as soon as possible. 

Morale in the team is definitely high, and that shows out on the road. We all are out for individual success but find success comes from winning races as a team. We all know our time will come when Tim will tap us on the shoulder and say, "we are riding for you today". We all bounce off each other and have a lot of good times on and off the bike which makes riding so much easier."

Hunt Team testing the 34 Aero Wide Disc Wheelset

HUNT 34 Aero Wide Disc Wind Tunnel Test Report

All of the learnings & knowledge from our 48 Limitless project have been brought into an alloy disc-brake road wheelset, developed and tested by aerodynamicist & HUNT Engineering Product Manager, Luisa Grappone (MSc Aerospace Engineering).

The new HUNT 34 Aero Wide Disc (using the MAVIC Wind Averaged Drag calculation with 25c Schwalbe Pro One tyre), outperforms the world-leading alloy ‘aero’ disc brake wheels.
Llyod Berry sat on a lounger after finishing the Dirty Kanza

Chase The Chaise... An Irishman conquers Kanza

Lloyd Berry did the Dirty Kanza 200 and he did it on his 30 Carbon Gravel Disc wheels!

"We didn’t come all this way for you not to finish!" … the words of  'Butt & Sun Cream Enforcer',  as I collapsed in a heap in the shade, wrapped in an iced towel, forcing cold Coke down my throat.

Canyon dhb getting race ready

Canyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes Bike Build Video

Here at HUNT, we absolutely love a build video. There's something therapeutic about watching a rig go together, especially when it's a race bike and especially when it's assembled by master mech of the Canyon dhb team, Lee Askew. Stick the kettle on, and enjoy this one...
Readers Rides Special Bikes

Readers Rides Special

Throughout the years you've been sending us photos of your most precious belongings and we've been keeping a record of pretty much every bike we've seen with HUNT wheels on. We were recently going through the tons and tons of pictures and drooling over some amazing machines.

We decided to share some of our favourite ones with you

Tom Stewart celebrating his Lincoln GP win


The Lincoln GP is one of our favourite National A races of the calendar. The race can be won or lost on the brutal cobbles of the 16% Michaelgate Climb leading up to Castle Square, where the victor usually barely has time or energy to raise their hands from the bars to celebrate...
Rory Townsend after the Rutland CiCLE Classic


Ask any strong domestic racer about the hardest one-day race on the British calendar, and the vast majority will tell you it's the Rutland GP - known now as the Rutland-Melton CiCLE Classic. Think Tro-Bro Leon crossed with punchy British climbs, and throw in (usually) some naff weather. It's Britain's Belgian Classic, and only the hardest prevail...
Hunt Brand Manager, Ollie, prepped and ready to explore


Today is the first time in 2 months that an ever-shifting tug of war, between excitement & terror, has given way entirely. In its wake lies only a quiet anxiety. Why? I’m flying to Morocco tomorrow to go solo on my first ever bikepacking trip, and I’ve never bivvi‘d in my life. To borrow some wisdom from the fantastic storyteller Phil Knight; the accountant in me sees the risk, the entrepreneur sees the opportunity, and so I split the difference and keep moving forward. 
Newcomer,  Jacob Vaughan, celebrating his win


3 years. 3 wins. 3 riders. We've come to love the Perfs Pedal Race, for obvious reasons. This weekend saw the 54th edition of the race, and another win for the Canyon dhb p/b Bloor Homesteam, this time from new signing Jacob Vaughan. Following a successful training camp in Calpe and some racing in Mallorca, this was the ideal way to get their domestic campaign underway.
Canyon dhb rider, Stijn, riding his bike


For this week's insight into the Canyon DHB p/b Bloor Homes training camp & 2019 preparations, we stole some time from one of Tim's new signings, and one of two new Belgian riders bolstering the ranks this season. Whilst Stijn De Bock is pretty handy on a bike, he's actually more famous for being Stijn De Bock. As an Elite (without contract) Belgian National Road Race champion, and a palmares that has seen him put many a World Tour rider away in sprints, we're keen to see what this man will bring to the team for the year ahead...