HUNT cyclist riding gravel bike

HUNT Engineering Paper - Gravel: Does Aero Matter?

As riders & racers of gravel, we’ve increasingly been discussing (and asked by our customers) whether or not aero is particularly relevant within the discipline. Working with Ernst at the GST Wind Tunnel and doing lots of number crunching, we wanted to find out if gravel speeds and wide tyres negated aero considerations.
HUNT race team

Introducing... HUNT Race Team

Having announced our support for Canyon dhb, LA Sweat, and Bianchi Dama... the fourth & final squad for 2020 is the in-house HUNT Race Team.
Kelli Samuelson's Specialized with Hunt Wheels

HUNT Partners With LA SWEAT

We are very excited to announce we will be supporting the LA SWEAT Women's team in 2020. LA Sweat has had our attention for several years now and when the opportunity arose to support them in the new year, we jumped at the chance. Kelli Samuelson, owner & team mom, has developed the squad into one of the best crit & road teams in the US.
Bianchi Dama team warming up

HUNT partner with Bianchi Dama for 2020

We're stoked to announce the first of a series of new team partnerships for 2020; the Bianchi Dama womens' road team based out of Exeter. Having grown out of Exeter University's performance program in 2015, the team has developed into one of the best female teams in the UK. They compete nationally and internationally in road, time trial and track events, and, in their words, are "always looking to better ourselves in everything we do and continue to enjoy this wonderful, mad yet engrossing sport."
Hunt 52, 62 and 82 Wheelsets

Introducing The Next Generation Of Deep Section Aero Rim Brake Specific Wheels: The 52, 62 and 82 Carbon Aerodynamicist Wheelsets

This paper introduces the 52, 62 and 82 Carbon Aerodynamicist deep section wheels. The engineering development is discussed, from aerodynamically focussed design to wind tunnel testing against a range of the best deep section competitor wheelsets. The results reveal that the HUNT 52 and 62 challenge the industry’s best wheelsets with the HUNT 82 out-performing all tested competitors.
Still of Will's Zwift screen hitting 318Watts

The Year of Power

Well, 18 months really, but that doesn’t have the same ring to it does it. In my last thrilling tale I had slowly worked my way up to being a master of Zwift, and contracted a rather worrying addiction to online racing. All this despite the continual hindrance of a nagging cardiac problem that means my heart rate is incredibly slow to rise when exercising and max’s out at just above 100. I left you all with the cliffhanger of whether I was a “Virtual Contender” who had discovered the secret to immense online power, or merely an “Actual Idiot” living the lie of estimated power and secretly despised by all the real virtual athletes around me…. Let’s find out the answer to this, and many more irrelevant questions in my “Year of Power”
Gosse on the podium

Gosse Back on Track in Pembrey

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote that Gosse's season goal of winning the National Trophy here in the UK was over. We may have slightly jumped the gun in our doom & gloom, as we were kindly informed halfway through last week that it was still mathematically possible. This gave us a good measure of gusto as we packed the van and headed down the M4 towards Pembrey County Park for round 5 of 6...
HUNT Beyond brand manager Josh Ibbett riding his adventure bike

VIDEO: How to use a Dynamo hub to power your lights and charge your devices

We offer a full range of Dynamo lights so you can forget about charging your lights on your daily commute or charging your GPS device on those multiday backpacking trips. But how do you use a Dynamo wheelset to run your lights and charge your devices?

HUNT Beyond brand manager Josh Ibbett talks you through the Dynamo setup that he used on this year's 2600mile Tour Divide in the USA. Watch the video to find out more...

Dylan and teammates preparing for a race

Dylan's CX Nat Trophy U16 Race Report

You may have seen Dylan on the road in the summer, but it's 'cross time now and he can be found at the National Trophy rounds all over the country, fighting shoulder to shoulder with the best young riders in the country. Here's his report of the U16 race of Round 2 at the Westmorland Showground.

"For someone who does cyclocross for enjoyment, fun and some mud, the National Trophy Round 2 was not my piece of cake. After taking a few sighting laps over the roller coaster course, I had decided firmly that my race objective was to survive and not break any bones."

Gosse celebrating with a fist in the air

Gosse: King of Scotland

What a race, what a trip. We headed up early on Saturday for the 8 hour drive to Glasgow, full of quiet optimism. The reason? We knew after his 2nd place at Milnthorpe a fortnight ago, Gosse had the bit between his teeth and had spent the two weeks training (really) hard for this. We had Dan of Breakaway Digital in tow for photography, as well as Matt of Mason Cycles (one of the finest mechanics in the game) - massive thanks to both of those guys for their time & serious morale-boosting abilities.

In a recent video on Gosse's life balancing studies & pro riding, made by Voxweb (University of Radbound's independent magazine/publication),  he signed off by saying he was "the happiest man in the world". We quoted him on this, challenging that around 2 hours before the race, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who would define Gosse as even remotely chirpy. True to form, within a few hours of the race start, the mood was a little off....

Andrew Feather on the National Championship Hill Climb

Hill Climb National Championships 2019 Preview

With the National Championships looming, we thought it wise to check in on our favourite hill-climb mentalists to see how their seasons have been going, as well as their specific preparations for the big day itself on Sunday 27th October. Andy Feather comes in as both defending National Champion, and hot favourite, having set 6 course records on his way to 10 wins of a possible 12 so far this season.

It won't be a walk in the park, as he'll face hot competition from the likes of Dan Evans & Ed Laverack (course record holder). After taking the honours at Pea Royd Lane in 2018, we're also expecting to see Fiona Burnie head to Haytor to defend the womens' title against an ever-strengthening opposition.
The Bombtrack crew rolling into the German woods


We were stoked when Bombtrack invited us along for the 2019 edition of their Groundwork event; a few days in the forests of Kürten in Western Germany with key media, team/sponsored riders, distrobutor staff and even a couple of lucky connected brands (including us!).

Usually around 40-50 of the "Bombtrack family" go along each year, and we sent Ollie to get the scoop on the 2020 range and suffer in the dirt...