The Cairngorm Loop

Film: The Cairngorm Loop

Earlier in the year, Josh Ibbett and Rich Rothwell starred in the Lakeland 200. The footage they captured showed them battling through extreme conditions, sideways rain, storms, endless bogs and arduous terrain, much to our viewing pleasure.

Clearly gluttons for punishment, the two of them opted to head up to the Scottish Highlands in early October. Their goal? To attempt the 181 mile loop of the stunning Cairngorm National Park. Based on the classic Tour of the Cairngorms mountain bike route, the course uses different trails to loop twice around the central Cairngorm Mountains.

Starring Hunt Beyond's very own Josh Ibbett and Rich Rothwell, and edited by long term Hunt friend and skilled film maker, Ryan Le Garrec, The Cairngorm Loop...

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October 18, 2021 — James Finch
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