Escape By Bike book
We got a short message from our in-house adventure rider and bike packer Josh Ibbett to check out this new read from writer Josh Cunningham. As a former writer for Cyclist Magazine and Bikes etc, this short 264page read takes us through traveling around the world on (you guessed it) a bike!

Documenting an 11 month journey from London to Hong Kong, Josh gives us insight into the 13 670 mile journey spanning no less than 26 countries! Written in the style of a travel log and guide book means you won't be bogged down in lengthy descriptions but gain insight into what its like to travel across the largest land masses on earth! And for those who, like us, are 'visual learners' there are plenty of pictures showcasing this grand trip.
February 26, 2018 — James Finch
Tags: Road/CX