HUNT's 650B Range

The advent of 650B/27.5" has transformed how we see adventure bikes. Rivalling cyclocross bikes for efficiency, and cross-country mountain bikes for versatility, this wheel size speaks beyond their smaller size. Paired with a 2.0"/50mm tyre, the outside diameter will equate to that of a 700C wheel with a 28mm tyre - a feature that the latest gravel and adventure bikes take huge advantage of. 

Seeing these real-world ride benefits, and following popular demand, we have designed two completely new wheels with a go-anywhere, do-anything attitude. Introducing the no-compromise, super lightweight HUNT AdventureCarbon Disc, and the #FastFar MASON x HUNT 650B AdventureDynamo Disc wheels to light up your multi-day escapades.

Both wheelsets epitomise the spirit of how gravel/adventure bikes can take you beyond the hills and far away.

Interested? Check these out:

650B AdventureCarbon Disc
1425g | 22Deep 30Wide | £879
650B AdventureCarbon Disc
MASON x HUNT 650B AdventureDynamo Disc
1821g | 24Deep 25Wide | £499
MASON x HUNT 650B AdventureDynamo Disc
February 26, 2018 — James Finch
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