This week, we're bringing you not one but two rides, to celebrate the expansion of our 650B range. The first, a Bowman Pilgrims Disc, shows off our new no-compromise AdventureCarbon Disc. Secondly, we have Josh Ibbett's own personal Mason Bokeh in world-touring form, featuring the AdventureDynamo Disc...


Bowman Pilgrims Disc

Bowman Cycles mantra is 'ride with spirit' and that could not be more true when is comes to looking at the all new Pilgrims Disc. For those who were lucky enough to attend the London Bike Show last weekend, you may have caught this stunning matte black (with gloss graphics) Bowman Pilgrims Disc. 

Shaped out of Bowman's desire to create a quiver killer, this machine can accept 650B and 700C wheel, and served as the perfect bike on which to unveil the all-new 650B AdventureCarbon Disc as pictured above.

Available currently as a frameset-only option, as well as in a Teal/Teal colour way, you can build up however you want. One this is for certain is that she is a looker!

Ride On!

Bowman Pilgrims Disc


Next up we have the ultimate setup to show off our newest collaborative effort, the MASON x HUNT AdventureDynamo Disc

Mason Bokeh Josh Ibbett 650B AdventureDynamo Disc

Have you before seen such a well-equipped machine for touring the world? As it belongs to none other than HUNT rider (and employee!) Josh Ibbett, a man with pretty solid experience on how to pack for an absurdly long bike ride, you can be sure no stone has been left unturned in preparing this rig for the road less travelled. 

February 26, 2018 — James Finch