Hunt Supported Rider Rodneys Open UP  bike with HUNT 30 Carbon Gravel Disc

HUNT Beyond: Supported Rider Bike Checks

The Gravel racing season is now upon us, or at least it should be. It looks like many of the gravel races planned for the year are now going to be postponed until safer times. However, that doesn't mean that there are not plenty of amazing gravel bikes sat around waiting to travel the world to some of the biggest gravel events and races.

We caught up with 5 HUNT Beyond supported riders, to run the bike check of all bike checks and  see what bikes they are planning to race later in the year.

Ryan Le Garrec riding his Hunt wheel bike

Film | Tugende, the 2020 Race Around Rwanda, a bikepacking story by Ryan le Garrec

Tugende is the latest creation from friend of Hunt, Ryan Le Garrec. Ryan, along with Lander Deldime have been covering bikepacking races for the past few years bringing a unique view to the world of ultra.

Their latest project was to follow the inaugural Race around Rwanda at the start of February. Tugende is the result of all their hard work and is now online.

photo of bike leaning against a wall

Opportunities are Knocking

While continuations of protectionary Stay-At-Home measures are still shaping our day to day lives, we hope everyone is staying safe and abiding by their respective government's rules. While our thoughts are with those who have been and will be affected by this virus, we are hoping to spread a little motivation for those of us who need it. What follows below is the experience of our very own USA Brand Manager, Ken... 

"In a recent email communication with my coach, we began talking about how with the cancelation of races and events he's been seeing athletes, left and right, scrambling for goals to aim for. As I'd been listening to the news a lot prior to our conversation (so not in the brightest of head-spaces), we discussed a mental reframing exercise that helped me, and thus I'm hoping it helps you."
HUNT rider Steve Bate riding 100 miles in a day

How To Ride 1000 Miles In 10 days... On A Turbo

With the Games being shifted to next year, and wondering what my future holds as a 42 year old athlete, I needed a plan fast. My coach Dan reminded me that I’m a goal-focused rider, and now the Games are over 500 days away (again!), I needed a short term ‘now’ kind of goal. So with lock down on and no Games, I decided to stay inside and ride Zwift on my turbo. But to make it more challenging, I gave it a purpose. I wondered if I could ride seven hundred miles in a week. I mean, I knew I could physically, pretty much everyone could, if they had a gun pointed at their head. But mentally I wasn’t sure I could, after all, it’s six hours sat on the turbo each day!
Map showing the South Downs

Keeping it local… how to plan a local lockdown Gravel bike route

For most of us the world has changed in the past few weeks and lockdowns have been enforced in many countries across the globe. Some of us are still able to ride and others can’t yet go any distance from home. When riding resumes it's likely that it will only be possible in the local area so you need to be able to make the most of what's on your door step.

So what better time to make the most of your time in lockdown than planning local routes or exploring your local tracks and trails?

HUNT cyclist riding gravel bike

HUNT Engineering Paper - Gravel: Does Aero Matter?

As riders & racers of gravel, we’ve increasingly been discussing (and asked by our customers) whether or not aero is particularly relevant within the discipline. Working with Ernst at the GST Wind Tunnel and doing lots of number crunching, we wanted to find out if gravel speeds and wide tyres negated aero considerations.
photo of Japanese mountains at sunset

A Japanese Odyssey, by Eleonora Balbi

In October 2019 a super typhoon was closing in on Japan. Hagibis. Japan was ready: airports got closed, Shinkansens were put on hold, two rugby world cup games got canceled and everyone was getting prepared to spend a weekend inside.

Everyone except for 49 people who traveled to Kagoshima to go on a bike ride.

HUNT rider Sofiane Sehili riding along the road

Meeting Sofiane Sehili

 Sofiane Sehili has made waves in the world of Ultra racing in the past year winning Italy Divide, Inca Divide and most recently the inaugural Atlas Mountain Race. He has developed a tough style of racing which entails very little sleep. We spoke to Sofiane to find out more about him and what makes him tick.

Read on to find out more…

Photo of HUNT supported rider Claire Frecknall in the mountains

HUNT Beyond Supported Riders 2020

HUNT Beyond was created to focus on developing wheels for those riders who don’t quite fit into the ‘normal’ cycling bracket. We all know that one person who just has to go a little too far, not content with ‘just’ riding 100 miles they are the ones that would ‘just’ ride 150miles off road instead, or go on a family holiday to Spain and ‘just’ ride there. Or ‘just’ disappear for a month and return after cycling across some far flung mountain range in central Asia.

We know you are out there, and we are here to serve you and make the best products for the job.

Photo of the Atlas Mountains with PedalED Atlas Mountain Race Title

Atlas Mountain Race is underway

The Altlas mountain race is a second new race to the early season Backpacking calendar and, as the name suggests, takes part in the Atlas Mountains of Morroco. The Atlas Mountain race is a predominantly off road event which began in Marrakesh on feb 15th, crosses the Atlas mountains and winds its way through the fringes of the desert and smaller Anti Atlas mountains before finishing on the coast near Agadir.

At 1000km in length this isn’t the longest event on the calendar, however the substantial elevation, rough roads and tracks will make it a tough ride. Winning times will be expected to be under 4 days, with the majority of the participants completing the event in around a week.

Sofiane stood wearing a Hunt tshirt with his Niner Air9 RDO Bike

Bikecheck: Sofian's Atlas Mountain Race Niner Air9 RDO

Sofian Sehili is no stranger to the world of Bikepacking having won Italy Divide and Inca Divide in 2019 as well as previously finishing in the top 10 of the Tour Divide. Sofian is a bike messenger based in Paris so long days in the saddle come very naturally to him.

HUNT Beyond will be supporting Sofian in 2020 and he is already at the pointy end of his first race, The Atlas Mountain Race.

Josh climbing a foggy road in Rwanda

Josh's Mason Bokeh Race around Rwanda bike check

The Race around Rwanda kicks off in Kigali Rwanda this weekend. It's a 1000km race with around 250km of gravel roads and lots of climbing. In fact there is barely a flat section on the route and coupled with the fact that the race begins at 1800m altitude and only goes up fro there means that this will be a tough challenge. But what is the best bike set up for the event? 

Josh Ibbett takes us through his race setup...