Scott Foil Disc

What better way to introduce our latest member of the Hunt staff team than not by introducing them personally, but by showing you their bike. Lee has joined us with a background in aerodynamics and working on concept project with the likes of Mercedes F1 racing.

It comes as no surprise that Lee has chosen to go with a lovely Scott Foil Disc. Being one of the best aero bikes out there, Lee will be taking advantage of its air cutting profile as he smashes around the Sussex and Surrey lanes. Equipped with a complete Shimano Ultegra groupset and hydraulic brakes, nothing will leave him floundering when the pace is on or when he is coming into a sharp corner.

For wheels, Lee has gone with a set of 30Carbon Aero Discs as he doesn’t want to give away much on the climbs. We really like the aero fairing on the Scott’s fork and the metallic finish of this bike adds a touch of ‘over-the-top’ class we love!

Scott 2
Scott 3
Scott 4
Scott 4
May 07, 2018 — James Finch