Delving into the hardest hitting debates circulating around cycling (such as Jersey Pockets or Saddlebag and C02 versus hand pump) our latest semi-regular segment "On The Drops" will focus upon the slightly more light hearted side to cycling presenting riders from all circles of life. Enjoy the grill sessions!

Mitchell Webber is one of BikeChannel Canyon's youngest rider, but that certainly does not mean he lacks in ability. Alongside wheel choice, we find out what the Hampshire local enjoys about racing and where we might see him in the future.  

Mitchell Webber 

Rider: Mitchell Webber (BikeChannel Canyon)


Age: 21          

Born and Bred: Andover, Hampshire, UK.


First Bike and Favourite bike?

My first new bike was a Felt BMX in red. Certainly this year’s Canyon Ultimate CF has to be up with one of my favourite bikes. The way it rides and feels is really second to none.

What music are we most likely to find on your iPod?

My music is a complete mix really. I tend to like any genre depending on my mood. But you certainly can’t beat a bit of drum n bass before a race!

You have finished a huge training ride. What is the food you’re craving most?

After a big training ride I also crave something savoury. I think it’s because of all the sweet foods you cram into your mouth while out on the bike. Nothing better than a classic sandwich in my eyes.


Canyon race team


Best place you’ve ridden? 

Probably the best place I’ve ridden has to be the French alps. Me and my brothers are close friends to the owners of Alpcycles who take trips put there. So tend to go over at least once a year for some solid riding.

Best race you’ve competed in? 

Best race in terms of atmosphere probably has to be Otley GP.

Jersey pockets or Saddlebag?


You have had stellar results in the Tour of Bulgaria and Tour of Wales. Is tour riding going to be something you hope to be doing in the future

Yeah I certainly would like to give it a go. I still feel I haven’t reached my full potential so only time will tell!

We noticed you decided to use the 38Carbon Wide Aero over the 50mm option, why did you make the change? 

The 38Carbon Wide Aero seem to be a little bit stiffer/lighter and able to deal with crosswinds better. As a smaller ride it just suits my riding style a tad better. But I certainly look forward to using the 50mm option this season!


Canyon team out training


Tyre Pressure? 

Typical race pressure in dry conditions is 90psi front and 95 Rear on 25mm Maxxis tubs.

Most memorable experience on a bike? 

I can’t say I have one stand out memory on the bike but certainly have a lot of good ones. Probably more than you can shake a stick at.

Dream race? 

Tour de France.


Thanks Mitchell, all the best in your up and coming season!




March 29, 2017 — Brightpearl Support
Tags: Road/CX