We have a few very special things happening at Hunt so in keeping with this trend we thought it'd be best to all out a South Downs bikepack adventure to celebrate, and record it for a film... WITH A HELICOPTER!

Donated to us for a few hours from a (very, very cool) friend of Sarah who works here at Hunt, we gathered at the top of the South Downs armed with a fleet of Mason Bokeh go anywhere, ride anything bicycles, to make a film celebrating the launch of some exciting products and special new adventures for one of our crew.  

"There's a helicopter 20 metres away with a camera pointing at me sliding down a gnarly trail... utter madness!"

Ollie Gray (Hunt Service Manager) 


Pre Ride Prep

Pre-ride prep

Dawn on the South Downs

Dawn on the downs

Hunt 4Season Gravel Disc on the Southdowns

4Season Gravel Disc enjoying the view

Hunt team getting ready to ride

Team Meeting

Checking out the views

Ready to ride!

Hunt team sitting on hill waiting to ride

Just waiting for a mate

The helicopter waiting to take off

Prepare for takeoff

a Mason Bokeh bike with all bags attached

Adventure rig

Hunt X Mason rim

Tyre pressure is key - 23F/28R for 64kg Cal.

a clean Mason Bokeh against a wall


a filthy dirty Mason Bokeh against a wall

... and after.

The Hunt team with all smiles

Good times

We can not thank enough Cal & Dom from Mason for the support, riding and providing the Bokeh bicycles, as well as the amazing riding kit from Apidura, Rab, Fabric, USE Exposure, Giro and ZyroCycling to complete the entire AdventureSport package! Also a big thank you to all of the riders and helpers who came out to help and be a part of something truly special. Awesome ripping from Elaine Burroughs who displayed some incredible side sliding riding. Plus big thanks to James, Rowan, Hannah, Liam and Lucy for the stunning filming and photography.
It’s now down to our riding mates Doug, the film editor and James the Director to wade through the footage and make some sense of it all.

March 02, 2017 — Hamish Paine
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