Prepare for an onset of dot watching excitement across Italy.

Dot watching Josh Ibbett

We love dot watching! Unlike coverage of great races like Roubaix, the Tour and mostly every other form of professional cycling, dot watching is a more active and personal way to view a bicycle race. Curious whether a cyclist spent a night sleeping under an overpass, if they prefer McDonalds to petrol station meals or how regimented they are with their riding time? - The answer is through Dot Watching. This new breed of endurance racing is so variable, it makes watching GPS signals move slowly along a red line addictive!

This Friday at 9pm Central European Time, our very own Hunt Team Rider and 2015 TransContinental Race winner, Josh Ibbett, will be lining up for the Italy Divide - a non-stop self supported race from the Colosseum in Rome and travelling over 900km north to Lake Garda. The route is far from being flat - The mostly gravel route boasts over 25,000m of climbing! 


Watching a cycling race just became way more interactive.

Josh in the mountains

If it isn't already obvious we really do love dot watching. However, it's not all about watching riders as they move along the route. What makes it all the more special is following the race through social media streams, the race organiser's updates and even forums dedicated to dot watching. Here are a few suggestions on the DOs of dot watching:

DO - Follow the Dots

  • They don't call it "Dot Watching" for nothing. 

DO - Follow the participants social media streams - @joshibbett

  • Social media is a great way to have updates trickle through from the riders perspective. This often gives insight into how they are feeling, what the weather is doing and if they are experiencing any issues out on the road.
DO - Keep updated with race organiser news - @italy_divide
  • Again this can often be done on race organisers social media stream as well as the race website. You can gain small insights from people who are on the ground in event cars, checkpoints and most importantly - the finish line!
DO - Have a look at the route and what riders are traveling through
  • One great thing about the GPS trackers is it allows for you to see exactly what the racers are riding through, are they grinding along a rural gravel road or taking on a punishing climb?  The Dots reveal everything.  Because races like the Italy Divide are so long, it really does cross a variety of different landscapes and riding terrains that make it even more exciting. 

Watch the ItalyDivide here.

April 21, 2017 — Hamish Paine
Tags: Beyond Road/CX