Hunt Beyond:
Manu Cattrysse

Name: Manu Cattrysse

Hometown: Hamme, East-Flanders, Belgium

Which bikes and HUNT wheels do you ride? I mostly ride my Titanium Chiru bikes. My road endurance bike is called "Kunlun" on which I have my 48 Limitless, usually with 30-32mm tyres. My MTB and weapon of choice for off-road ultras is the Chiru Divider which has the Proven Carbon Race XC. I also still love my Salsa Cutthroat which has the 35 Carbon Gravel X-Wide.


Favourite riding experience to date? As a total riding experience I would say my 2nd position at the Tour Divide 2022, but I have to say it almost had it's place taken by the thrill and fun I had on the Highland Trail 550 in 2023.

What are your plans for 2024? First of all I will be recovering from a broken knee which has already taken me off the bike for several months. But I have my mind set on the Hellenic Mountain Race to be a realistic goal in the pairs category together with my partner Katrien. I will have a better idea on what's possible in the next few months but there's definitely more challenges to come.

What does riding or ultra racing meant to you? I guess the best way to figure out what it means to me is to watch the film project "Scratches" which I made together with Ryan Le Garrec. In a few words, I would say I mostly do it to push my own limits and to enjoy some of the most beautiful places in the world from my bike.

Favourite ride snack: Pizza to reset my stomach from all the sweet stuff!

Soundtrack to your ride: Really long rides come with different extremes - if it comes to feelings and emotions, I match this with music. Usually I get the most energy from bands like Night Verses, Alcest, Balance and Composure. If I need something to keep me awake, it's often bands like Infant Annihilator that do the trick, there's no sleeping possible with that stuff!

Follow Manu's adventures

Follow Manu's adventures