Hunt Beyond:
Claire Frecknall

When she’s not on awesome adventure on her bike, Claire can be found working at HUNT in our Rider Experience team. Claire is an expert at local adventures and we can’t wait to see what Claire gets up to in the coming year.

Claire riding in the alps

Name: Claire Frecknall

Hometown: Worthing, West Sussex

Years riding: Since I was a kid, but more seriously and further afield for around 6 years

Longest bike ride: 270km offroad

First Bike trip/ adventure: St Olavsleden across Sweden and Norway in 2017

Favourite ride snack: Dried fruits and nuts for on the move, Yoghurt drinks or Choco-milk at snack stops

Wheels of choice: My 30 Carbon Allroads are probably my most used wheelset as I use them with both gravel and road tyres, but I love my 650 Adventure Carbon Discs for when I head out to the mountains

Cycling Highlights: So many options here but Veneto Trail last year was absolutely stunning and I met such an incredible bunch of people

2023 Goals: First up is Seven Serpents, a route through Slovenia, Croatia and Italy…. Then I have some more plans in the making. I cant wait to get out in the sunshine exploring some new parts of the UK and Europe, meeting up with some old friends and making some new ones…

Follow Claires adventures

Follow Claires adventures