Josh TCR climbing Mount Ventoux

Josh Ibbett TCR #3 Winner | 4239km 9days 23hours | Wheels: 4Season Disc

A few weeks ago, we shared TCR winner and adventure rider, Josh Ibbett’s advice on wheel selection guide for your continental crushing ride (provided you ever felt the need to go on such a journey). This was received so well by readers of the journal and many emailed in asking us questions about possible options for their riding demands.

So, we put Josh back to work and asked him to devise the very first Hunt Bike Wheels Selectometer for wheels you would take on races like the TCR, Indy Pac, Trans-Atlantic Way or Race Across America.

As a basic tool to find your match, the Selectometer works by simply answering YES or NO to questions which are fundamental in choosing your wheelset for an epic ride.

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Wheels TCR Selector

March 19, 2018 — James Finch
Tags: Beyond Road/CX