We always try to use the word 'epic' sparingly... reserved only for those rides which are truly 'epic'. But we are going to use an 'epic token' here to describe BikeChannel Canyon's effort in this year's Tour of Britain which concluded late last week. 

The group of six riders who set out from Edinburgh were whittled down to four coming into the Cardiff finish line after a series of crashes left two riders forced to abandon. Sprinter and team leader Chris Opie left the Tour of Britain after being involved in a crash on stage 3. Luck was not on team mates James Lowsley-Williams either. A heavy crash on stage 3 left Lowsley-Williams carrying an injury into stage 4, but after an attempt to get into the break finished the stage only to realise that he was carrying a broken knee cap over the line! A true hard-man effort! 

Luck turned north for Harry Tanfield, the 22-year-old from Great Ayton in North Yorkshire, had a superb week. Winning the combative prize on stage three and sprinting to seventh spot on stage 4. The youngster further established his class effort during the individual time trial to score a 14th amongst a raft of world-class rivals. 

“I’m still blown away by the time of Harry Tanfield. Tanfield, 22 years of age, riding for a domestic team, very impressive indeed”

Matt Stephens (from the GCN Show)

After 14 year of competing at the highest levels, team rider Rob Partridge, announced his retirement after finishing his record equalling eleventh Tour of Britain! We wish Rob all the best during his retirement from his professional racing career. 

All the best for the well deserved off season.

Chapeau, BikeChannel Canyon. 


Please enjoy the photo gallery of BikeChannel Canyon's first Tour of Britain...


Roll out... in style.
Roll out... in style
To be a fly on a wall here...
Don't think, just do.
Pre race insructions
Pre-race instructions
Don't think, just do... but in black and white.
Don't think, just do... but in black and white.
Fans 1
Autograph 1
Autograph 2
Autograph 2
Stem instructions?
Stem instructions?
... Or Top-tube?
... Or top-tube? The choice is yours.
Pre roll out convos...
Pre roll out convos... 
In the bunch
In the bunch... thinking about an attach?
Team strategy
Team strategy talks.
Searching for points
Searching for points
Off the front of the break-away
Off the front of the breakaway
Podium time
Podium time
Words by Hamish Paine
September 19, 2017 — James Finch
Tags: Road/CX