Hunt Rider, Dom Knight, getting airborne

Words by Dom Knight

Summer… Britons favourite day of the year! As much as I love where I live, with the summers actually getting better, the idea of leaving for the summer is always hard. I live in the small village of Steyning, surrounded by memories of building trails, riding, evolving, sharing the good times on and off two wheels with your closest mates! Growing up with the South Downs as my back yard, is something I wouldn’t change for anything. But it’s what's beyond these corners of Steyning that always leaves me feeling curious about what more I can get out of life. It's the opportunities not taken that leave me fuelled with desire and passion for where life can take you.

My name's Dom Knight, at 26 years old I’ve had the privilege of spending most of those years on two wheels, riding, travelling and evolving as a rider and a person. After having left university a good 5 years ago, I’ve spent that time combining my Graphic Design degree with what I love doing. And it lead me into the company you all know as Hunt Bike Wheels. Here I’m surround by such an amazing team and being a part of what and where HUNT | The Rider Firm is going, is something I’m so proud of and excited about. And it's being a part of this company that allows me to keep my desires of travel alive, there's still places I’ve not yet experienced, places I’ve thought about too long to not aim to fulfil.

Whistler… A place on every mountain biker's list, a place of this exact desire and passion, to fulfil a dream that's lingered on my mind since I can remember. A-Line, Crab Apple, Garbanzo, Crankworx, the list goes on. Moments you have dreamt about for years but maybe it was never the right time, relationships, or something came up. There may always be something to keep those reigns in, the fear of the unknown, it’s unsettling. No one can prepare you for season life, not even university. But what I can tell you, is that the best memories not only on two wheels but from personal growth, relationships, friendships, have all started in that position of the unknown, and allowed me to experience life changing moments and memories.

So this summer, once again I’m packing up my life, laptop and bike in a bag and heading out to one of the most desired locations on the mountain bike scene, not only to fulfil this dream, but to push my career within my new job, and what better place to introduce Hunt wheels, with new riders along side me such as Sophie Tyas and Dylan Layzell. This summer we hope to show this part of the world who HUNT wheels are and what our company provides and will for the future.

This is me, my hunt for whistler. The chase is on.


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