The GranGuanche Audax Trail

Film: The GranGuanche Audax Trail

Image credit: Sergio Villalba

The GranGuanche Audax is described as “a self-supported, single-stage, fixed-route ride that follows the classic rules and principles of ultra-cycling races. But, in the spirit of Audax, participants are allowed to ride in a group and draft each other. This will encourage participants to plan stages and to create a pelotón between ferry connections.”

Navigating the high mountains and remote rocky tracks of the Canary Islands, the GranGuanche Audax Trail takes in 20,000m of elevation over 800km - certainly not one for the faint hearted. Step up Josh Ibbett and Sofiane Sehili - two riders who have cemented themselves at the top of the ultra-cycling world and represent the Hunt Beyond collective. They captured their exploits on film, and long-term Hunt friend and filmmaker, Ryan Le Garrec, used their footage to put together this incredible film.

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December 09, 2021 — James Finch
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