Rider weight limits are a topic that we are often asked about by our customers and we recently spoke with Cycling Weekly to discuss the issue in more depth.

We strive to develop wheelsets for real world riders and appreciate that not everyone is a fly weight mountain climber. The Hunt Open Development team exists to help us test wheelsets in real world conditions with real-world riders. Will Johnson is a former professional rugby player and weighs in at 100+kg so makes the perfect OpenDev team member. In fact we first heard from Will when he contacted us to ask us about our wheel weight limits and his testing and feedback has helped us develop some exciting new wheel sets that are due for launch over the coming months.

Hunt Open Dev rider, Will Johnson

Hunt owners Tom and Peter Marchment recently sat down and discussed in depth the topic of wheel weight with Cycling Weekly.co.uk/Cycling Active magazine:

“When a bike frame is designed there is some indication of the weight and power of its likely rider according to the size of the frame,” Tom explained. “Somebody who rides a 50cm frame is generally nowhere near as powerful or heavy as somebody who rides a 62cm frame. So you can design the frame and choose tube walls and diameters accordingly.

“However, with a wheelset, anybody could fit any wheelset to any bike underneath any rider, so the weight limits are there to give an indication who and what those wheels are suitable for.”

Hunt founders, Tom and Pete

You can read the whole article on the Cycling Weekly website HERE 

Guidelines for rider weight limits on specific wheelsets can be found on each product page on our website, however we also have a complete weight limit and warranty guide which can be seen HERE.

September 30, 2016 — Josh Ibbett
Tags: Beyond Road/CX