Riding With a Mission

HUNT Wheels riders Julien Riganti (aka 8000Watt) and Alex Bregenzer (Dreamers Racing, XCO Racer and German Vice Champion Cyclocross) have embarked on a mission to break the often-existing negative stigma of ADHD.

Alex and Julien are hosting a series of Gravel Social Rides in South Germany to foster a deeper understanding of ADHD and how they’ve utilized the bicycle and sport as a vital avenue for them to manage their symptoms.  

Through this series of group rides and subsequent discussions, Alex and Julien hope to create a safe space to inform, share and educate. The rides are open to everyone interested in learning more about this topic.

The first ride of the series has been already taken place in Frankfurt last weekend and has been a valuable experience for everyone riding. Next events coming up:

Stuttgart 20th of July

Würzburg 15th of August

Munich 16th of August

Vienna 12th of October

Aside from the open conversations, you can expect a nice gravel track, relaxed pace and some good coffee and snacks along the way.  

With each ticket purchase, you'll automatically be entered into a prize draw at the end of the ADHD Gravel Social Ride Tour 2024, including a chance to win a HUNT 40 CARBON GRAVEL RACE WHEELSET and many more prizes from participating partners.

About Alex:  

When Alex was seven years old, he received a diagnosis of ADHD, a condition characterized by difficulties in concentration and often accompanied by hyperactivity. This made it challenging for Alex to stay focused in school, often leading to daydreaming. ADHD isn't indicative of intelligence but rather affects concentration, with thoughts frequently drifting. 

Starting cycling at the age of eight, Alex quickly noticed a reduction in his ADHD symptoms. Cycling's repetitive motion has a proven meditative effect, which helped him manage his condition over the years and lead a more balanced life. However, not everyone with ADHD finds relief through physical activities like Alex does; many rely solely on medications such as Ritalin, which can have significant side effects. There's also the risk of dependency due to the pressure to perform in school or work without medication. 

Through Dreamers Racing, Alex aims to inspire both individuals with and without ADHD to embrace cycling, regardless of their speed or preferred terrain. The goal is to empower children with ADHD by showcasing Alex's career as a mountain bike professional, demonstrating that they can achieve remarkable things despite their condition. Additionally, Alex wants to offer guidance to children, teenagers, and parents who are struggling with ADHD, showing them that it's possible to live a fulfilling life without relying solely on medication.

About Julien:

Nobody in the German cycling scene will get past Julien´s iconic catch phrases: "Immer großes Blatt, 8000 Watt," "Fullforce voraus," and "Time 2 Abfahrt." These slogans have really taken off in the German cycling community over the years. 

 Julien’s appeal goes beyond just sporting performance and he uses his social media account @8000watt to bring cycling fans from all walks of life together and unites a diverse community of competitive and lifestyle athletes.  

Traveling over the years as Social Media reporter he's forged strong relationships in the Pro-Peloton and shakes things up with entertaining interviews. You'd better make sure you always ride on the big chainring when Julien is around the corner. His “chainring controls” are notorious. Affected by ADHD himself the Social Gravel Ride series add another layer and mission to the 8000Watt brand universe Julien created.  

May 31, 2024 — Jacob Rubio