Sam's Neil Pryde

Many moons ago, bikes were simple in their appearance often only with their maker's name adorning the downtube and maybe a stripe or two. And OpenDev rider Sam McCallum's ride is no different - but that is where a homage to the past stops for Sam's Neil Pryde Bura SL. 

Featuring everything you would expect on a modern privateer racer's bike, Sam's rig is adored with a mixed Shimano 105/Ultegra drivetrain. The 105 cranks are used so he can swap between standard and semi-compact chainring sizes without breaking the bank. A long stem combined with a long saddle means Sam can get into an aero position as well as maintain some comfort for when the road turns upwards. Wheels have been taken care of by the 3650Carbon Wide Aero - perfect for the vast majority of parcours' this will be raced upon.

"I haven’t pursued a new bike, as the Neil Pryde just ticks all the boxes." 
Sam McCallum

It's a little mix & match, and that is what we love about this bike. A no-fuss approach to a machine which begs to be raced.  

Ride on Sam!

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February 19, 2018 — James Finch