Joachim riding through a river
We recently featured the Bombtrack Hook EXT-C, but for this weeks Reader's Ride, we are going to shake it up a little and delve into a very specific setup. This week's rig is what Hunt-supported adventure rider, Joachim Rosenlund, used to complete his first 550-mile Scottish Highland Trail epic in 5days, 18hours and 18minutes. 

"On those stretches the Hook EXT-C excels, as it is light and stiff. Get in to the drops and you can really put the power down — the bike flies! You also notice how light it is on the steep climbs, which makes it a real treat... For my next attempt, I think I would run a 29” hardtail."

Joachim Rosenlund | On the Highland Trail 550

Joachim's rig
Asides from the frameset, Joachim's set up is quite unique. Small details like the super-small 32T oval chainring, and water proof Apidura luggage, all add up to make this bike perform in the Scottish Highlands. Joachim has tried to gain as much comfort as possible by using high volume 650b WTB tyres fitted to a set of Hunt AdventureSport Disc 650b wheels.

Not only does this give more comfort, but the smaller diameter also means that Joachim benefits from a stronger and stiffer wheelset, relative to using a 700c rim. It may be a small detail, but everything adds up in the rocky terrain featured on the Highland Trail (just ask our very own Josh Ibbett about when he was forced to abandon his attempt due to snapping a frame in half!)
Joachim's set up
Courtesy of, a full kit list has been provided (See below). For a full interview with Joachim click here
Joachim full kit list
Ride on!
February 13, 2018 — James Finch