There are few bikes with as much reputation as Cotic Bikes. From their 26" ain't dead videos to their choice to stick with Steel as being their material of choice for their iconic frames. Having known the team at Cotic for a while (Jack Tweddle at Hunt rode their very first full suspension prototypes), we felt it was only fitting to choose the all-new FlareMAX to show off the TrailWide 29" wheels.

Featuring a 120mm travel equipped chassis, the FlareMAX is designed to stand as being a bike which can do a bit of everything. With a spacious reach/toptube and being made out of steel, it also inspires confidence beyond what a 29er trail bike is typically thought of achieving. 

"FlareMAX is a proper sweet-spot chassis; the perfect trail bike. It's the only bike you'll need for ripping through the woods and conquering mountains. Light and responsive, yet fiercely capable."

Cy Turner | Cotic Bikes Founder and Designer


Cotic FlareMAX

July 23, 2018 — James Finch