Dan Pullen's Storck TIX

There are bikes, and then there are Storcks... no matter your flavour, the German manufacturer knows how to make a head-turner. This particular one belongs to Dan Pullen, who we interviewed in On The Drops just last week. After coming back from its maiden voyage (less than 24 hours since the time of writing) we thought it only fitting to feature it in this week's reader's ride - oh and did we mention it is a Storck!?

We love to push boundaries and see evolutions in design, and the T.I.X shows this on all fronts. Disc brake, thru-axle, carbon - you name it, this frameset has all of the modern features. While we do love a 'classic' horizontal top-tube, the slight slope might be a sign of Storck responding to more riders bunny hopping barriers... Ok so this is pure speculation (at best), but we love how this shows the evolution of 'cross rigs and riding styles. 

Surprisingly, Dan has stuck with a 2x drivetrain, which still does have a place on 'cross rigs... especially when it gets really muddy. Deda takes care of finishing kit, and a set of 4Season Gravel Disc wheels with Challenge Baby Limus tyres round out the package.

Ride on Dan!

Storck's and sunsets

November 06, 2017 — James Finch