Whilst riders generally grab most of the attention when it comes to racing, mechanics are often the unsung heroes behind a team's success. Up earlier than anyone to wrap a fresh set of bar tape, then last back to the hotel after a full clean, possible strip down and rebuild; they are working around the clock. This means mechanics, like Mark Haylett, of BIKE-CHANNEL CANYON know exactly what works and what doesn't.

Have a look at what Mark has said about setting up the team's Hunt 50Carbon Wide Aero: 

Mark Haylett, Bike-Channel Canyon mechanics instagram post

We have become strong advocates for tubeless technology. Having tested tubeless extensively on and off road we know it provides you with noticeably improved ride quality, grip and puncture protection. All our wheels come tubeless ready, but work perfectly with standard tyres and tubes, and provide excellent specs and low weight. Add tubeless tyres to any wheel order and we will fit them (including sealant) to your wheels prior to dispatch. You get all the puncture resistance and speed/grip enhancing benefits of tubeless but we put the effort in for you.

February 10, 2017 — Hamish Paine
Tags: Road/CX