Round-the-world rider Jenny Graham is edging nearer to her final destination in Berlin. With less than 1000km to go, the Adventure Syndicate at the time of writing is crossing the Belgian/Dutch border. After putting in some huge miles, including a huge day which clocked in at over 300km with only 5 hours sleep, Jenny is determined to reach Berlin and smash the world record of 144 days.

“With a 319km day yesterday, a five-hour sleep in the woods near Versailles and falling in with the local Sunday run, moving through Paris is proving a lot slower than anticipated.”

Jenny Graham | Adventure Syndicate


As it currently stands, Jenny is expected to be the fasted woman to circumnavigate the globe by bike. She is expected to complete the journey in 124 days and beat the current world record by nearly three weeks. She will be expected to arrive in Berlin this Thursday to mark her finish. After spending so much time on the road, her bike is hanging on to get to the line. Her bar/tri-bar setup is looking tattered and worn but is doing the job! 

Here is a breakdown of the journey stats:

Over 18 000 miles (~29 000 km) covered.
Expected finish time: 124 days.
4 flights and 1 Boat ride.
660 000 calories
15 countries crossed.
Sub Zero temps in the Australian winter, bear risk in Canada, Lorries on the Tran-Siberian Highway have been the biggest threats to the journey.
All unsupported.

We will be glued to the dot watch tracker as Jenny comes nearer as we come to terms with just how huge this journey has been.  With riders like Mark Beaumont circumnavigating the world with a complete support team, why did Jenny take this adventure unsupported? In a pre-ride interview it was clear that this expedition is more than just an attempt at the world record:

"I just love being self-supported. I feel I am much more in tune with my body and surroundings on the road when I am alone, I will have to manage all the tricky situations along the way and I think that will feel like a fuller experience for me.”

Jenny Graham | Adventure Syndicate

Click here for live updates on Jenny's progress

October 16, 2018 — James Finch
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