At Hunt we are huge advocates of tubeless tyres and the benefits that they can give you. Lower rolling resistance, enhanced grip and increased puncture resistance make their advantages hard to argue. A unique service that we offer you at Hunt Wheels is the tubeless tyre fitting service. To help you realise the benefits of using a tubeless setup we will fit tubeless tyres to your Hunt wheels before shipping. We currently offer number of tubeless tyres from stock:

Schwalbe One Pro (£99 fitted) | The Schwalbe One Pro is considered the benchmark in road tubeless tyre technology and have truly tipped the balance from clinchers to tubeless tyres, with incredibly low weight and Schwalbe even show tested them as having 2 watts lowers rolling resistance than their previous best tyre. The highly respected German Magazine TOUR said "Unbeatable with punctures... – the "self-repair" with sealant means that no tube can compare ... The Schwalbe PRO ONE (preformed ideally and can be installed without tools and is immediately sealed) weighs approx. 290 grams including 40 millilitres of sealant, while the Conti [GP4000s] folding tyre with tubes weighs 320 grams."The micro skin tubeless casing means that these tyres are fantastically light and roll extremely fast. These are the best tyre for performance road riding. We currently have extreamly limited stock so please order now to avoid dissapointment.

Schwalbe One Pro Tubeless

Hutchinson Sector 28 (£99 fitted) | Bikeradar/Cycling Plus magazine recently rated these as one of the best tyres they've ever tested read more here. The Hutchinson Sector 28 tyre was developed alongside the Europcar professional cycling team to take on the brutal Paris-Roubaix cobbled classic. The tyre is tough enough to withstand the incredibly rough cobbled surfaces and provides enough grip for both dry dusty corners and wet muddy corners alike, ideal for UK year-round riding conditions. These characteristics make it a fantastic tyre for use during the wet conditions found in the European winter. Coupled with the enhanced puncture resistance offered by tubeless these tyres are hard to beat for wet and winter riding.

Schwalbe Tire

Schwalbe S-One (£99 fitted)The Schwalbe Tubeless road tyres consistently win plaudits from journalists and customers alike. We have been testing them for a long time and have been very impressed. The Ones are Schwalbe's top of the range tyres and feature their triple compound tread so you get extremely low rolling-resistance combined with excellent grip and durability. The S-One is available in 30mm which offers a large tyre volume and unbeatable grip in adverse conditions. A light dotted tread enhances grip even further and as a result makes this tyre ideal for use on wet and gritty winter roads.

Schwalbe S One

As well as tubeless road tyres we also offer a number of Cyclocross and gravel tubeless tyre options:

Schwalbe G-One (£99 fitted pre order) |  The G- One's are Schwalbe's brand new gravel tyre designed to offer a low rolling resistance yet offer plenty of grip on gravel and dirt tracks. If your frame has enough space, select the 38mm version. Larger volume is always an advantage when riding off-road. Tubeless tyres also come with the added benefit of great puncture protection. The tubeless beads on Schwalbe tyres have a flat edging and the new Mirco-Skin carbon tubeless layer makes them incredibly good at sealing with the rim bed and sidewall and very easy to fit. 

Schwalbe G One

WTB Nano 40c (£85 fitted) |  Ideal for fitting to our Mason x Hunt 4 Season disc and our 4 Season Gravel wheels if you want to go seriously wide. The Nano is a perfect tyre for real, off road mixed with Gravel Grinding and Tarmac Trouncing alike! The fast running center block is fast on both Gravel and tarmac so is the perfect tyre for fast all surface riding. The rounded profile and side blocks ensure good predictable cornering grip on all surfaces and tubeless compatibility means you can run those nice grippy low tyre pressures without fear of pinch puncturing.

WTB Nano Tyre

WTB Cross Boss (£65 fitted) |  Ideal for fitting to our Mason x Hunt 4 Season disc and our 4 Season Gravel wheels the Cross Boss is a perfect all round Cyclo Cross tyre equally at home on a muddy cyclo cross course or grinding some gravel tracks.

WTB Cross Boss

Vee Tyre Trax CX (£55 fitted) We recommend the Trax CX as a tyre suited to gravel riding. The fast center blocks ensure fast straight line speed on a variety of surfaces whilst the softer side knobs give plenty of grip on looser surfaces. The Trax CX can be fitted tubeless and we recommend the Effeto tyre sealant on this particular tyre.

Vee Tyre Trax CX

January 08, 2016 — Josh Ibbett
Tags: Beyond Road/CX