After watching the dots every 5 minutes for most of yesterday Josh's kms to the Istanbul finish were dropping nicely. However, we were all aware that Josh really wanted to make the finish in under 10 days. And it was looking nail bitingly close, to be honest we all just wanted him to finish safely. Our Josh supporters Whatsapp group messaged each other nervously as the hours, then minutes ticked gradually towards the ten day mark. With 30 minutes to go the tracker was showing 4 kms, surely no problem, of course this is when the tracker decided to stop updating! We all sat and waited, then just after midnight European Time the Trans Continental Twitter announced he had finished, we all breathed a sigh of relief. However it wasn't until this morning that we found out that Josh had actually hit his ten day target by just 6 minutes, unbelievable!!!! Of course we at Hunt Wheels, Mobel UK Clothing and Mason Cycles are also delighted that our kit performed faultlessly for him, obviously we were never worried ;-) but there is always a certain weight of responsibility when a rider such as Josh has invested so much into an event like this and is trusting our equipment.  All has gone well and we are delighted for Josh, apart from the incredibly grubby kit he finished in, where has your 'pro' look gone sir?!  


As to why Josh would want to put himself through such pain, well we're just not quite at his level. But for us here at Hunt Wheels it's important to test our products and support athletes like Josh in this way as it inspires us all to go and stretch our comfort zones and have once in a lifetime experiences on our bikes. Also remember that Josh is just a normal, very decent bloke who loves riding bikes just like the rest of us. Josh's example shows that we can all achieve whatever we put our minds to. Please do let us know, and send images, of your bike adventures and challenges so we can share them too.

Josh in a bar having finished the face

Image courtesy of Trans Continental Twitter

the route on a map

Josh Ibbett // Trans Continental Race Winner 2015 // Flanders to Istanbul // 4239km in 9 days // 23 hours // 54 minutes. #

Josh on his bike

Josh's equipment // Hunt 4Season Disc Wheels // Mobel UK Clothing // Mason Cycles Definition 

Jolly good effort Joshua.

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August 04, 2015 — Tom Marchment
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